On-Line shopping
with Free Ship to Store

Icon for Ship to Store ServiceShipping is FREE when you choose the Ship-to-Store. TrueValue.com is more than a website. It's your 24/7 online connection to thousands of products. Just place your order anytime and ship your purchases to our store absolutely FREE. Log on today and get full access to sales and project advice, sign up for exclusive offers and start shopping!
Here's how it works:
• As you shop, eligible items will have the Ship-to-Store option clearly marked.
• You will be prompted to select your local store by entering your zip code.
• Select a store from the list of nearby participating stores.
• After you complete your order, you will receive three emails:
    — Order confirmation email: We've received your order.
    — Shipping confirmation email: Your order has left the warehouse and your credit card / PayPal account has been charged.
    — Pick-up confirmation email: Your order is available for in store pick-up.
Please note: Some items may offer only one shipping method or have shipping restrictions because of the material or restrictions on shipping to your location. Not all True Value stores participate in our Ship-to-Store program. Therefore, your option(s) for in store merchandise pick-up locations may not necessarily include your closest True Value hardware store. CK Home & Hardware is a participating store.