Did your grill run out of gas before you finished cooking?
Did you purchase a new grill and it did not come with the propane tank?
Outdoor fireplaces, heaters, grills, smokers and so much more require us to keep our propane tanks filled and on hand for quick use.

Here at CK Home & Hardware we exchange your empty tank for a full tank or sell you just the full tank that you can exchange at a later date. We like to keep things quick and easy for you:
  1. Leave tank outside
  2. See one of our friendly cashiers
  3. Let them know you desire to purchase an exchange tank or purchase a full tank
  4. Our garden department team will retrieve your new tank for you
You will be back to grilling in no time.

Propane Safety Tips
  • Never store tanks in buildings, sheds or garages
  • Keep valve turned off when not in use
  • When transporting a tank, make sure it is in the upright position, valve off and tank secured
  • Never use propane indoors
  • Never store spare tanks beneath a grill
  • Always store in the upright position
  • If you think your tank is damaged bring it back to the retail store you purchased it from , never try to repair a tank